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Hi Everyone!  Welcome to my master fanfic site!  Below you can find links to my ongoing series, the Dubois Chronicles, in addition to my other fics.  Please feel free to read and enjoy!

Thanks for your interest!  Please feel free to send comments to the address below!!!!

X-Over Stories 


Andromeda Fiction:  Here's a piece I wrote for this fandom.


Forever Fiction: Here are some pieces I wrote for this fandom.


Forever Knight Filk: Occasionally, I write short fic pieces for the Forever Knight fanatics list.  Here they are!


Xena Warrior Princess Fiction


Smallville Fiction


Captain America Fiction


The Flash (2014) Fan Fiction


Veronica Mars Fan Fiction


House MD Fan Fiction


Kim Possible Fan Fiction


Sleepy Hollow Fan Fiction


The Adventures of Merlin Fan Fiction


White Collar Fan Fiction



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